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Farsley Celtic Deaf FC in Deaf Champions League

Farsley Celtic Deaf FC

When I embarked on my sports photography journey, little did I know that one of the most impactful teams I would have the privilege to photograph was Farsley Celtic Deaf FC. As I delved into the world of sports photography, this team became a significant platform for me to learn and grow my craft. 



Discovering that my local team was one of the best deaf teams in the UK and lacked a photographer, I saw an opportunity to use my photography skills to make a difference and create social change and awareness.


I started by capturing the team's moments in the Sunday park leagues and English Deaf League gradually honing my skills while also documenting their journey. As I progressed and began shooting for larger clubs, I made sure to always keep up with the happenings of this exceptional team. It was a proud moment when I received the call to photograph the Disability Cup Final, where Farsley Celtic Deaf FC faced off against their biggest rivals at the renowned St. George's Park. Simultaneously, I was given the opportunity to document the team's participation in the Deaf Champions League in Warsaw, Poland. Clearing my schedule, I made my way to Warsaw to join them on their remarkable journey.


The team's journey at St. George's Park started with a 3-0 loss against St. Johns FC, a well-established deaf team from London. Despite the defeat, the team's resilience shone through as they quickly regrouped and boarded a flight to Warsaw. Arriving in Poland, they wasted no time, jumping straight into their first group game against Istanbul Sessizler. Although the match ended in a narrow 3-2 loss, Farsley Celtic Deaf FC displayed incredible determination, particularly during a strong second half. As I write this, the team is preparing for their next challenge, facing one of the tournament favourites, CSSM Paris (the game will be streamed today here- GMT 18:00).


Photographing Farsley Celtic Deaf FC has been a remarkable journey for me. It has opened my eyes to the power of photography in bringing attention to important social causes and highlighting the talents and accomplishments of individuals with disabilities. The resilience and spirit of this team are truly inspiring, and I am honoured to be a part of their story. As the tournament unfolds, I eagerly anticipate capturing more moments that celebrate the strength, unity, and unwavering passion of Farsley Celtic Deaf FC.




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