Monday, July 15, 2024

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The Aston-Filla

Emile Heskey at Aston Villa (via Talksport)Apparently Emile Heskey is the man to secure Champions League football in the midlands according to Martin O’Neill. 'Big’ John Carew and Marlon Harewood must be quaking in their boots at the prospect of another technically inadequate lump joining the club. This signing only underlines Villa’s method of progress: replacing one injured skilless wreck for another. 



Aston Villa are producing very good results this season with a dull brand of football. The fact that because two of their more interesting players, Young and Agbonlahor, happen to be English means that people look favourably upon them. The other fact, however, is that set-pieces and counter-attacks combine to create almost all the team’s goals. In other words, they are not great to watch.  


The press too seem intent on backing them all the way. Anyone who witnessed their defeat against Slovak side Zilina in the UEFA cup this season will testify that they can be made to look very ordinary by a skillful team when the likes of Laursen and Barry are missing.


With Martin Laursen now out for two months it will be interesting to see Villa’s resilience as they have been winning while looking shaky.   


Villa may well fade as the season progresses and Young may end up making O’Neill’s ‘as good as Messi’ assertion look like a Pele World Cup prediction. It is certainly possible. What do you think?

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