Sunday, February 25, 2024

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The footballing lexicon

Football as a sport isn’t synonymous with a wide and varied diction. Unlike cricket with its articulate commentators and university educated players, football doesn’t lend itself quite so readily to eloquence.  


The consequence of such a stunted vocabulary is that the few words in common parlance have a greater depth of meaning. Here are a few terms used to describe players and their deeper connotations.  


Playmaker [noun]: Doesn’t defend but doesn’t score many either. 


Typically English [adjective] (1. He’s a typically English centre-forward): Lacking in technical and tactical know-how.



No-nonsense [adjective]: No skill. Probably good in the air. 


Good in the air [idiom]: Bad on the deck. 


Hard-working [adjective]: See no-nonsense. 


Battler [noun]: Defensively minded; violent tendencies. 


Can you think of any more?

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