Friday, September 30, 2022

  • If the Portuguese League was anything this week, it was a packet of Salt ‘n’ Shake.


    Why? Because it saw the top four get jiggled around like four manic cats in a bag on the way to a market in Kabul.

  • FA Cup third round, Deepdale and the chant of "Steve Gerrard Gerrard, he scores them from 40 yards, he's big and his fookin 'ard, Steve Gerrard Gerrard" greeted the disgraced captain as he appeared for the first time since his arrest for attacking a DJ. The Liverpool fans, as well asmanager Rafa Benitez, have definetly done a Dolly Parton since the Southport incident amid the public furor over another Premiership idol falling from grace and setting a bad example to legions of young fans.

  • Barcelona kicked off first in this weekend's round of Liga fixtures and things started badly for them as they were missing Messi (whose flight had been delayed in Madrid of all places) and behind after 15 minutes. But they began their comeback 15 minutes later with Henry expertly pulling down Puyol's flick-on with the outstep of his right, before lashing to the far post with his left.

  • It’s the game that a certain group of men aged 25-40 have wiled away a worryingly large proportion their lives playing. A precursor to the World of Warcraft phenomenon for people with some social poise, at least a few friends and an interest in football as opposed to goblins. Championship Manager was - and still is - king.  

  • Tis’ the season for making fickle statements of intent, and who better at doing that than footballers - the sack of lying bastards.


    Roman Pavlyuchenko

    I start year good with two goals, but Wigan is not good commander, so was very easy for me. My Russia friends pay much money for Wigan mans to not play good. It please me to score more goals inside new season, and maybe I start learn English, but really no point there is a fat man Redknapp with funny skin want sell me.

  • Shay Given is at last considering leaving Newcastle United, if reports are to be believed. He described the 5-1 reverse againstLiverpool at St.James’ Park as the“lowest point of his career", and it appears that the 32-year-old may be considering leaving the club he joined from Blackburn over 11 years ago.

  • The long awaited transfer window swings open today but for many fans, especially those from clubs of lesser riches, the approach of the January transfer window brings little but fear and foreboding. 


    Feelings that as an Arsenal fan I'd no doubt be sharing were Fabregas fit and Barça's Xavi and Iniesta not so. But he isn’t and they are, so as the window has drawn closer and closer, the greater has been my excitement (the kind previously only reserved for wrapped toys beneath the Christmas tree) at the exciting prospects in each new batch of transfer speculation/titillation.  

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