Friday, April 03, 2020
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Has there been a time when picking the three clubs to be relegated has been more difficult?


Pre-season most would have reckoned Stoke, Hull and one of West Brom or Bolton; maybe that will be the way of it. Hull, though, keep winning and scoring goals - key for any team that wants to stay up. The attacking trio of Cousin, King and the mecurial Geovanni have caused the best teams in the country headaches. With 20 points after 11 games they look like they have what it takes to remain.

Stoke have won 4 of 6 at home giving them a solid platform, and with Rory Delap turning throw-ins into corners they can always create opportunities. They could be viewed with the same aesthetic disappointment as Bolton when their novelty wears off.

Playing the most attractive football of the three promoted teams is West Brom, whilst they are currently lower placed than the other two (good old England). They also believe they have what it takes to survive and that does not seem misplaced. Could this be the first Premier League season where the three promoted teams survive? Maybe, but I doubt it.

Feelings are that Stoke will be joined by two more established top-tier sides. Maybe Blackburn, Bolton or even a lethargic West Ham.

Contact us with your three teams for the drop because, frankly, we haven't a clue.

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