Sunday, March 29, 2020
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Andy “Andrew” Cole has decided to hang up his boots at the age of 37. The former Manchester United and Newcastle striker has called it a day after eeking out somewhat of a journeyman existence towards the end of his career. 


In reaction to the news this morning, Sky Sports News provided a montage of eulogies on Cole’s career. We heard from former Manchester United teammates, now struggling managers, at Wigan, Manchester City and Sunderland. 

It was the newest addition to the clan, however, who got the most caught up in the moment. Nostalgia seemed to get the better of Blackburn boss, Paul Ince, who described his former teammate as “world class.”

Cole was a good goal poacher, in his prime; but one goal in fifteen, admittedly sparse, England appearances is hardly the form of a world beater.

Ince’s appraisal of striking prowess does seem to be new manager's Achilles heal. The former Inter Milan midfielder thought it wise to bring in Robbie Fowler over the summer and is set to offer, two-year idle, Matt Jansen, another crack of the whip.

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