Sunday, March 29, 2020
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The FA have asked Joe Kinnear to explain his comments after he brandished Martin Atkinson a "Mickey Mouse" referee after Newcastle's loss to Fulham.

The comment itself seems pretty self-explanatory, but if the FA needed further information to gauge Mr Kinnear's feelings then they only needed to listen to the end of the interview.

Joe said: "It happens week-in, week-out. There's always a smart answer like 'someone was obstructing my view'.

"You used to be able to have a bit of banter with referees and they'd put their hands up if they make mistakes. Now they hide."

Obvious, isn't it? We all know exactly what Joe meant, Joe knows (and said) what Joe meant and the FA also knows what it is, precisely, Joe meant. So rather than going around asking for explanations just punish the guy....or not.

Kinnear is up front, hates people and swears. He is the epitome of an angry man in charge of a bad club. He is a rich man's Barry Fry.

Given these rare truths the FA should just fine him or give him a touchline ban like they are going to anyway. They should stop creating unnecessary work for themselves, maybe it will start to affect the national side(!)

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