Sunday, March 29, 2020
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Given all the current palava about the respect campaign I feel I need to raise an issue.  


Frazier Campbell scored his first goal for his new club, went over to hug some fans and was promptly booked for over celebration. I'm sure if I were to consult a rulebook, that the letter of the law would state that some infringement occurred that warrants him incurring a yellow, but really, what a load of nonsense.  


A lot is said about the gulf in wealth and attitude between the common man and the pampered premiership playboy. So surely occasional examples of player/fan bonding should help the games image, but instead, a young guy is booked for going over and sharing his delight with his own supporters.   


In contrast, I'm pretty sure that neither Wayne Rooney or Joey Barton got booked for their inciteful badge kissing antics recently, so apparently the FA considers goading opposing crowds to be perfectly acceptable.   


I think there is certainly a discrepancy in the rules here that the big-wigs at Soho Square should look at. If they want people to respect their referees then maybe these officials should refrain from making pedantic decisions and stop bottling the big incidents.

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