Friday, April 03, 2020
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The Guv’nor as he likes to be known, may well be heading from Premiership management straight to a psychiatric ward if his recent comments are anything to go by. 


 “I think there are people out to get us.” Ince said when talking about managers who are not very good. Of course they are Paul, winning is very important to the board, especially in a season when relegation remains very possible. 


But Ince was talking about the media of course: “Guys from the press make fans what they are.” Sounding like he has a low opinion of the size of fans’ brains, Ince is instead merely worried. He thinks he will get the sack, and then what?   


We have seen that it is not always easy to get work again after a move upwards has gone wrong. There is a strong chance Allardyce, McLaren and Hoddle would all agree with that.   


Despite his blossoming reputation in the lower leagues, Ince is acutely aware that if he is sacked, his young career could take time to recover. He still has a talented team, one certainly capable of staying up, but he will have to start getting points very soon to remain at Ewood Park in the New Year.

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