Friday, April 03, 2020
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Contrary to his kid-from-the-wrong-side-of-the-tracks-turned-roy-of-the-rovers-style-kop-hero image, last night Steven Gerrard spent a night in the cells following a brawl outside a nightclub in Merseyside. The Liverpool captain always gives 110%, so what else were we to expect if trouble happened to erupt whilst he was out boozing with his pals at 2am? Our ‘Stevie G’ is, however, by no means the first footballer to get involved in trouble after dark.  


Marlon King

The Hull striker has ‘previous’ with the law having served a 6-month stretch for handling a stolen car at the beginning of his career at Gillingham. So far this season he has already been involved in two alleged late-night fracas.    

Fracas 1: King had a set-to with teammate Dean Windass in the somewhat fitting location of Scarborough’s Opera House Casino. Tensions were raised when King started insulting staff, claiming his GBP19k watch had been stolen. No matter what, the burly marksman wasn’t to be pacified. Even after he was politely reminded that he had taken the watch off and put it in his pocket, he went on to headbutt Dean Windass.

Fracas 2: Earlier this month King was arrested after allegedly assaulting a woman in a bar in London's West End. As a witness put it, King was “making persistent advances to the woman by repeatedly pestering her and grabbing her bottom. She kept asking him to leave her alone and at one point he just turned and punched her.” The woman was taken to hospital with a suspected broken nose and cut lip.  


Jonathan Woodgate and Lee Bowyer

Leeds were flying high after spending lavishly and combining that with quality products from their youth-system. The club were the front-runners to end the Manchester United-Arsenal duopoly of English football. Then Woodgate and Bowyer were accused of running down and battering half-to-death an Asian student, leaving him in hospital for six days with six facial fractures, a broken leg and bite-marks. Cue Michael Duberry pooh-poohing their alibi, manager David O’leary writing a book about it all and the ensuing collapse of one of England’s biggest clubs. It wasn’t quite that simple, but let’s pretend it was.  


Joey Barton

Well, where to start? The vicious assault on team-mate, Ousmane Dabo, occurred on the training pitch, so that doesn’t count; he stubbed out a cigarette in team-mate James Tandy's eye at Christmas, so we'll let him off; and he punched a 15-year-old Everton fan in Thailand, so we can forget about that one. Instead let’s think back to a Merseyside branch of McDonald’s at 5am in May 2008. Having drank 10 pints and 5 bottles of beer, Joey knocked a 16-year-old to the ground and punched him in the face 20 times 


Craig Bellamy

The no-necked Welsh wonder isn’t averse to casual violence, just look at his hateful little face with its malicious grin. In 2006, Bellamy was charged with assaulting a woman at Cardiff’s Number10 nightclub. The story goes that the Welshman pushed the woman down the stairs after an altercation. Bellamy was eventually cleared of any wrongdoing in a court of law, but mud sticks to sheep.    


FYI: Police on Merseyside released a statement today relating to the Steven Gerrard case, saying "Anyone who saw anything or who has any information is asked to call Merseyside Police on 0151 777 3165 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111." Did you see anything? If so, please come forward.

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