Thursday, April 02, 2020
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Shay Given is at last considering leaving Newcastle United, if reports are to be believed. He described the 5-1 reverse against Liverpool at St.James’ Park as the “lowest point of his career", and it appears that the 32-year-old may be considering leaving the club he joined from Blackburn over 11 years ago.




That is all very well, it makes sense. He is one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League and would like a medal or two before he retires. The only question that remains is; what trophy winning club is after a new keeper?




Arsenal are the only team in the big-four with a perceived weakness in goal and yet Arsene Wenger has ruled them out of a move, undoubtedly freeing up more time to spot young talent to eventually be sold to Birmingham for around £500,000.



 So it is unlikely that Shay can win trophies in this country, so why the move? Surely Mr Given has more fun keeping goal in front of Newcastle’s back-four than he would with stronger opposition. A friend of mine is currently going to quit our five-a-side team as he does not have enough to do and it is boring. Shay, hear the man, stay where you are needed and busy, it is the credit crunch after all.

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