Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Chelsea have announced the return of demi-prodigal son Ray Wilkins to Stamford Bridge. Wilkins, who started his international-journeyman career at the club, has returned as the replacement for outbound first-team coach Steve Clarke.


The 51 year-old’s appointment has raised many an eye-brow across the footballing community. Although doubts have always remained over Steve Clarke’s contribution to Chelsea’s recent success, Wilkins’ inability is proven. 

Brief managerial forays with QPR and Fulham brought little in the way of success and his work behind the scenes during Gianluca Vialli’s ill-fated tenures at Chelsea and Watford did little for his stock as a coach. Today he is known to most as the bland foil to Alan Smith in Sky Sports’ third string punditry team.

Despite the title of his new post Wilkins will have little if any say in the coaching of the first team. Clarke’s resignation was largely triggered by his reduced role under the Scolari regime and Butch is only there to fill Phil in on the subtle nuances and aphorisms of English football. It's difficult to see Wilkins leading sessions with with Deco and Co.


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