Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Scrawling through the internet I became enraged. It was Ashley Cole. If there is a more deplorable character in the world of football then I do not know who it is.

It is not that he has done anything recently to aggravate , just a long standing line of selfish, stupid things. The only joy I got out of reading about him was that his autobiography, My Defence, released in 2006, sold only 4,000 copies in the first six months! That is truly embarrassing and not shocking.

In his book he said he almost swerved off the road in fright when he was 'only' offered £60,000 PER WEEK to stay at Arsenal. Talk about distancing yourself from your intended audience. Who did he think was going to read the book? Maybe Mr Abramovich could sympathise but not the average season ticket holder.

In the very same magnum opus, Cole calls Cesc Fabregas an 'unproven featherweight' when citing the reasons for leaving Arsenal. Well done Ashley. It is hard for a 18-year-old to be much else. 

Mr J.A Stein writes on Amazon review: "This book doesn't enhance his already tattered reputation and for once I don't envy a footballer, he should be left to wallow in his own self pity because this is a pathetic tale of a young man deluded with life in the world."

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