Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Newcastle’s appointment of Joe Kinnear brings a fresh round of farce to the already beseiged north-east club. Like the plot of a Disney franchise, the Ghost Ship has been boarded by a Captain many thought dead. The leader of the Crazy Gang is now at the helm.

Why Kinnear? Well, “Nobody else wanted it,” said the man himself. How right he is. At the best of times the Newcastle job is a poisoned chalice; right now it’s a public beheading, with crowds of jeering peasants baying for blood.

Jobless for four years, Kinnear couldn’t really say no. In the interview given to Sky Sports he struggled to mask his gratitude, “There’s no doubt this is the biggest club I’ve ever managed in terms of potential and support.” He went on, “I know I’m only hear in the short-term, but after that we’ll see”.

Kinnear continued to wax the proverbial lyrical saying, “The fans will be disappointed.” An honest man. With the fans longing for attractive, attacking football it’s unlikely the 62-year old’s doctrine of bypassing midfield with long balls to Robbie Earle and Marcus Gayle will win him many admirers.

The Irishman’s appointment was actually met with resigned indifference on Tyneside. Perhaps their revolutionary zeal was spent marching against the cockney mafia a fortnight ago, but the beleagured fans seemed obliged to see the funny side of it all.

Kinnear’s appointed demonstrates just how shambolic the corridors of power have become at St. James’s Park. However, it's likely he'll do a pretty good job during his short tenure. Lest we forget those who wrote off King Kev upon his return – things work differently in the north-east.

Ultimately The Return of the King is what the fans want, but for now they’ll have to make do with Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest. Let’s just hope that Old Joe’s dickey ticker holds out longer than Mike Ashley does.

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