Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Arsenal new-boy Samir Nasri is in line for a kicking, according to Doncaster youth rugby star Phil McCaw. The 19-year old is seriously miffed having found out the French lothario engaged in a bout of ‘How’s yer Father’ with his girlfriend, Aymee Davison, whilst on holiday in Cuba.

“I’m absolutely furious with him and would consider punching his lights out if we met,” fumed the 15 stone Yorkshire lad. “I can’t see what Aymee saw in him apart from the money. He’s nothing to look at,” said Phil, alluding to the Frenchman’s likeness to Harry Enfield character Tim Nice But Dim.

The indiscretion came to light after Phil found photos of Aymee and Samir canoodling on social networking website Facebook. Despite numerous pokes and attempts add Nasri as a friend, in order to confront the Frenchman, Phil’s requests have so far fallen on deaf ears

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