Sunday, July 12, 2020
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I for one was glad to see Ashley Cole get booed on Wembley on Saturday. I also resent Rio Ferdinand for being outraged by the fans treatment of the Chelsea man.

These players, their colossal wages and lifestyles only possible due to fans, have to accept that a paying customer is allowed to offer criticism. After 45 minutes of trying to break down the infamous Kazakh rearguard it was the visitors that were playing the more attractive football and creating the clearest openings.

And, when the little number 21 was gifted with Mr Cole's generous offering, I was pleased to see him roll the ball home and send Astana into rapture.

If you saw a great band, that you knew were good but played badly, would they not be booed( or have bottle's thrown at them)? If a stand-up comedian was truly awful would the crowd leave them in two minds?

So, footballers of England fame, stop moaning and groaning about being badly treated. Things, seriously, could be a little worse for you. Bad things happen all the time and being booed does not rank too high.

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