Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Former players you feel, sometimes try their best to ruin this game of ours. They seem to be in every position of power (see Messrs Blatter and Platini) as well as the most cushy jobs in the business (Lineker, Hansen etc).

They also never do the hardest job, refereeing. How many times have we heard players saying that really the referees should have played at the level in which they are reffing? I remember Alan Shearer saying that but I cannot remember him doing his badges.

When they players say this they must actually wonder what player might do this. Will Wayne Rooney or Cristiano Ronaldo give up their glamorous retirements for a life in the black strip. if the player is not a superstar will they be given any more respect as a referee? Would Barry Venison say, curb the rage of an angry Ashley Cole?

Instead they clog up all our back pages with drivel. Ian Wright's pointless rantings in The Sun all merge in into each other while Chris Waddle tells his loyal Express sufferers that Theo Walcott should have been dropped after the Croatia match as he was too edgy.

Unfortunately we will always be haunted by ex-pro idiots and they will stunt the growth of anything new or exciting in the media.

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