Friday, April 03, 2020
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Mr Redknapp is a throw back to the past, coming and going when he pleases and seeking the best deal for himself. He makes no noise about how much he loves the club and its fans, how it is the hardest decision he ever had to make or anything like that. He is simply at Portsmouth one day and managing Tottenham the next.


So rarely do you see a manager take charge straight away. Usually the boss sits with directors to start with, while the club's caretaker wears an ill-fitting tracksuit and gets the very worst out of his players. But not Harry. Not his sort. He goes straight into the dressing room tells them what he wants to see...then sees it.

If he actually manages to get Tottenham moving in the right direction then don't be suprised if he creeps off to another club for a slightly bigger salary. And why not? He is good at his job and he is in demand.

That some have claimed they were shocked by Harry's decision seems a trifle baffling. Russell Brand in his latest Guardian column said he thought Harry would only go to West Ham if he left Portsmouth. Mental. He had already gone to Southampton and back just to show who he puts first every time: Harry.

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