Sunday, March 29, 2020
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I just watched Celtic somehow manage to not lose to Manchester United on Sky, the Scots utilising an adventurous 5-5-0 formation in the second half. What I will always remember about this one sided affair was piece of commentary from Andy Gray. Great unintentional comedy that you won't see in the BBC quotes of the week section, "Ben Foster has not even been tested in this game, well, apart from an attempt by Shaun Maloney...the little bender". How I laughed. Doubly funny for me, seeing as I don't have much time for Maloney, a Villa reject who managed to get homesick - for Glasgow!


Another quote that amused me greatly was the following statement made by Harry Redknapp in the wake of Tottenham’s second consecutive late show heroics against Liverpool, where Roman Pavlyuchenko snatched an unlikely late winner. Regarding the Russian, Redknapp is reported to have said, "Roman's got an interpreter and I said to him at half time: 'Tell him to f***ing run about'. That’s the truth. I just asked him to tell him to put himself about, if he could, please. I'm not sitting here saying it was tactical genius. He probably told him I was an idiot. You don't know what they're saying, do you?"

Idiot or not (and having seen the antics of the Redknapp clan on the cringeworthy Nintendo Wii adverts, I'm inclined to err on the side of the former) old twitchy boy has definitely galvanised the North London outfit. 7 points from 9, and despite still being bottom of the table, worries of relegation have been replaced by talk of new stadiums and just how far the new back to basics Redknapp regime can go.

It was an expensive gamble, a 25 million pound punt to cull the old set up, sacking Ramos, Poyet, Alvarez and permanently removing the Director of Football position and its incumbent Damian Comolli, whilst paying Portsmouth a suitable compensation package for the services of 'Arry, but its a bold manouevre that seems to be reaping dividends.

Arguably the most spectacular result was the thrilling phoenix from the flames performance at the Emirates, which saw Spurs fight back to grab a 4-4 draw. It turned out to be a great evening at the pub for me. Poor old Darren, fresh from the shame of the 'Curse of Geovanni' episode, managed to not learn from his mistake and make the following remark = "David Bentley is a fool, always making snide comments criticising Arsenal for not giving young English players enough chances - well, what Bentley needs to realise is that he wasn't good enough, he certainly isn't as good as Walcott and he never will be". Minutes late and BANG, 40 yard Bentley wonder goal gave Tottenham an unlikely lead. Darren, the man who ate all the humble pies.

I had two bets that night and at one stage they were both coming through. First bet was a predicted scoreline of 3-1 Arsenal v Tottenham, second bet was an accumulator, home wins for Man Utd & Liverpool, an away win for Chelsea and I thought Bolton Everton had bore draw all over it. The Gooners went 4-2 up, so that wager went out the window, but with a couple of minutes to spare the accumulator appeared to be a lock. To my annoyance, barnet-arily challenged Marouane Fellaini snuck in a late winner for the toffees, thus rendering my betting slip about as useful as Heurelho Gomes. Happily, with the White Hart Lane boys still trailing 4-2, my Spurs supporting mate randomly said that he would pay me what I would have won should Tottenham get any kind of result. Jenas, Lennon, quids in!

In the post match interview, topless duo Jenas & Bentley, looking like an out-take for a gay exchange advert, could barely keep the smiles off their faces. Bentley, with an especially cheesy smirk came out with a quote that seems to encapsulate how all the Spurs team seem to be feeling if their performances are anything to go by, when he said "I feel like Superman. I could fly home". Pity the cocky looking sod didn't try, would've been entertaining to see how far he got.

Cheeky little Cesc Fabregas would not only have been rueing the result, but his remarks about Spurs chances against the Arsenal ladies team made in an interview with Loaded magazine when he foolishly declared "They could do really well, I'm sure they would get a point". Known for his penchant for doughnuts, it looks like Fabregas will be joining Darren in the queue for humble pies, although he better get in quick, otherwise the 'Ass Man' may scoff the lot.

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